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Among the most highly valued skills in today's job market and in our constantly changing world are the art of oral and written communication, a keen sense of critical analysis and reasoning and the ability to employ creative ways to solve problems. It teaches you judgment, historical perspective, the ability to reason, and the art of communication. These four skills are more necessary than ever to meet the challenges of the future.

Liberal arts majors take a diverse cross-section of courses, such as history, modern languages, philosophy, mathematics and science, English, computer science, astronomy and psychology, to name only a few. This array of courses gives you a perspective on the past, an understanding of the present, and the flexibility to face the challenges of the future.

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Mission & Vision


The Division of Liberal Arts LSU Eunice is focused on the education of freshman and sophomore students.  The Division of Liberal Arts intends to teach students to think critically and independently with the hope that graduates contribute to and excel in their personal and community lives through advanced academic and cultural competency. This division imparts broad knowledge and encourages the development of general intellectual capacities.  Further, we include professional development through several areas of applied study and provide developmental education in English.  We assist the entire campus by providing general education courses that support all associate degrees earned at LSU Eunice. We are dedicated to supporting students in obtaining an Associate Degree in multiple areas of concentration and in their successful transition into a four-year college or the workplace.


The Division of Liberal Arts seeks to provide students with the fundamental communication skills and cultural knowledge that will allow them to successfully transition to a four-year institution or the workforce.


Why Study Liberal Arts at LSUE

  • Small class size: Smaller class sizes facilitate group interaction and a dynamic learning environment.
  • Learn from outstanding faculty: Over 70% of the Division of Liberal Arts faculty have Ph.Ds. 
  • Flexibility: The Associate of Arts in General Studies offered through the Division of Liberal Arts allows students to tailor the degree to the needs of their four-year degree.
  • Open admissions policy: LSUE's open admissions policy offers you the immediate opportunity to take courses that can help you learn skills for new employment and career advancement.

Programs of Study

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette provides LSU Eunice students majoring in elementary education an opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree on the LSU Eunice campus.  Under this cooperative program, freshmen and most sophomore courses are provided by LSU Eunice and UL Lafayette provides the junior and senior courses in the elementary education degree program, on LSU Eunice campus.   

For additional information, please visit the 2+2 Elementary Education Program page.