Division of Sciences and Mathematics

The LSUE Division of Sciences and Mathematics is dedicated to the education of the leaders of tomorrow in the fields of health care, industry, technology, engineering, and science.

Our faculty provides superior education combined with innovative research and scholarly pursuits. Our students have unrivaled opportunities to experience science through undergraduate research with our faculty.

The Division consists of three major disciplines: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Mathematics. The Division includes 14 tenured or tenure-track faculty and 8 instructors.

Division Office
Science Building Room 207
Office: 337-550-1233
Fax: 337-550-1497

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Mission & Vision 


It is the mission of the Division of Sciences and Mathematics to provide an avenue for our students to achieve science literacy and intellectual development through quality educational experiences, interactions with highly credentialed and respected faculty, and undergraduate research opportunities.


Our vision for the future is to be recognized for our commitment to academic excellence in the various science and mathematics disciplines.


Why Study Science and Mathematics at LSUE

  • Small class size: Smaller class sizes facilitate group interaction and a dynamic learning environment.
  • Learn from outstanding faculty: The division includes over 14 tenured or tenure-track faculty and 8 instructors.
  • Flexibility: The Science and Mathematics courses are taught by industry experts with extensive field and academic experience.
  • Open admissions policy: LSUE's open admissions policy offers you the immediate opportunity to take courses that can help you learn skills for new employment and career advancement.